How to use age for encryption

What is age? It means Actually Good Encryption. It's a tool that makes encryption easy, by not having many options.


Use your package manager to install age.

OS Command
Windows choco install age.portable
Mac brew install age
Ubuntu apt install age


To encrypt to someone's public key:

age --encrypt --recipient publicKeyHere --output encryptedFile.txt.age inputFile.txt

You can provide many recipients by repeating --recipient publicKey for each one.


If you want to make your own key, so that you can be a recipient, then you use age-keygen.

age-keygen --output key.txt

Now your private key is in key.txt (never share it), and the public key (share that one) is printed to the screen, and is also in key.txt.

To decrypt a message sent to you:

age --decrypt --identity path/to/your/key.txt encryptedFile.txt.age


public key
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